...there was a Dutch boy who got to know a beautiful Slovak girl...this is how most stories of foreigners living in Slovakia will start. Trust me.

Mine too. In 2010 I met my wife in the Netherlands. After a one-year stint in Scotland, we decided in 2012 to build our life together in Bratislava, Slovakia. Little did I know at that time how much I was going to love living here!

I quickly realized that Slovakia is grossly undervalued, as a holiday destination, as a place to live, as a place rich in its history, culture, traditions, and uniqueness. Too many locals don't appreciate their own country, while too many foreigners underestimate its attractiveness (provided they know where Slovakia actually is on Europe's patchwork map).

Therefore, in 2015, I started my blog initiative as The Curious Dutchman to offer an honest perspective on Slovakia, its inhabitants, its culture, traditions, beauty, ugliness, weirdness, and everything in between.

I do not pretend to be a travel agency or tourism website - I do not want to convince you to pack your bags and move to Slovakia. I merely wish to offer you honest information about the country I ended up calling my home, so you can decide for yourself if you wish to come and visit us!

Enjoy the ride :)

Boudewijn "Boudy" Dekker