Live in Slovakia, care for Slovakia

This is a reworked version of the article "Should foreigners in Slovakia care about today's crisis?", previously published on The Slovak Spectator. The Slovak version of this article is published in the magazine "13. ročník [fjúžn] | magazín - trʌst", as part of the annual multicultural [fjúžn] festival, which took place on 20-27 April 2018 … Continue reading Live in Slovakia, care for Slovakia

King’s Day – The day the Dutch unite

Having written about Slovak traditions for years now, I figured it is about time I spread the love for my own country a little bit. There is no better moment to kick this initiative off than today. Because today is a special day in the Netherlands. Today is the birthday of His Royal Highness, our … Continue reading King’s Day – The day the Dutch unite

Spring arrived in Bratislava!

Good morning world! After quite an uneventful winter (bloody cold but very little snow), spring has finally descended on Bratislava, as should be evident from below view over Kollárovo námestie 🙂 It is a good way to start the week. Everything looks so much better with a bit of sunlight 😉

GUEST POST: murder in Slovakia / coffee in Canada

I have visited good friends in Bratislava for a number of years, always learning more and deepening my understanding of Slovaks and their country. My feeling for Slovakia grew out of friendship and carried its quality of pleasure and connection. So it was a shock when I read about the deaths of Ján Kuciak and … Continue reading GUEST POST: murder in Slovakia / coffee in Canada

PHOTO GALLERY | Rediscovering Bratislava with an analogue camera

I have come to love analogue photography again. I love the nostalgic feelings it brings up in me, going back to my childhood and family holidays. I love the excitement of not knowing how the pictures will have turned out until the moment I’d pick up the developed pictures from the local photo shop. Most … Continue reading PHOTO GALLERY | Rediscovering Bratislava with an analogue camera

Slovakia’s time to shine is now

Slovakia is by some (including myself) affectionately described as the “Hidden Gem in the Heart of Europe”. But how hidden should this gem really remain from the rest of the world? Ever since I moved to Slovakia and discovered how beautiful a country it is, I have struggled with the realisation that back home no … Continue reading Slovakia’s time to shine is now

In Slovakia, tradition is key

Traditions, in any sense of the word, defines for a large part a country’s heart and soul. It provides some of the most important elements any society needs and no politics or economics can give - solidarity, identity and the feeling to belong. Unfortunately, many countries nowadays seem to have forgotten that it were the … Continue reading In Slovakia, tradition is key

The motivation of exposure

I firmly believe in the idea that you are responsible for making your own success - whether it is success you seek in your career, in your personal life, in your hobbies, or anywhere else. Nothing in life simply comes flying into your lap. You need to work hard, exercise discipline, make yourself visible and, … Continue reading The motivation of exposure

My wife is in love with an alien!

Most of you know by now that I absolutely enjoy living in Slovakia and that I found my home here. However, there has been one major dirty spot on this country's beauty that I have refrained from writing about, so far - any foreigner's absolutely involuntary dealing with the so-called "Foreign Police". I don't know … Continue reading My wife is in love with an alien!

Why Bratislava should get on a bike

Being born Dutch means being born to ride. Some may say we are born with a bike in our hands. We bike a lot, it's a simple truth. We learn how to ride a bike from an early age. Our level of self-confidence, self-conscienceness and, to some degree, plain arrogance rises the moment we get … Continue reading Why Bratislava should get on a bike