The motivation of exposure

I firmly believe in the idea that you are responsible for making your own success – whether it is success you seek in your career, in your personal life, in your hobbies, or anywhere else. Nothing in life simply comes flying into your lap. You need to work hard, exercise discipline, make yourself visible and, let’s not deny it, hope for a fair amount of luck.

This counts as well for writing a blog, any blog, really. Since the end of 2015, I have written about my experiences as an inhabitant of Slovakia on this blog website. However, as any blogger will confirm, the success and satisfaction of blogging naturally goes hand in hand with exposure. No exposure means you are basically writing for yourself and those family members who have shown their support by clicking on the “Follow Me” button. In the end, the greatest satisfaction I get when total strangers send me an email telling me how much they love my stories – not just for my ego (come on, let’s be honest here!) but even more so for the feeling that what I write matters and has some impact (however small it may seem).

In order to increase my exposure, I decided at some point to connect the website with a dedicated The Curious Dutchman Facebook Page and a The Curious Dutchman Instagram profile. I found out that I actually really enjoy the positive impact Social Media can have on anyone’s work. With these three means of expressing myself (blog, Facebook, Instagram), I have been lucky (see, there it is) to have increased my exposure and have received very kind feedback from people I have never met in my life.

However, even Social Media only goes so far – no matter how fast growing the Social Media world is, getting followers is actually a much more drawn-out process and takes time.

So, with my believe that I make my own success, I decided to reach out to the biggest English newspaper in Slovakia – The Slovak Spectator. They liked my writing and have agreed to a cooperation, in which I would contribute on regular basis blog posts that will be posted on their website. My first post is already up and running, which you can find here. I am very grateful for their interest and willingness to cooperate with me – the post has been up for a week now and immediately do I see traffic on this website rise exponentially and receive very kind emails and private messages from total strangers.

This is the kind of motivation any starting blogger would like to experience, I can imagine. For me, it for sure gives me the incentive to keep writing about what I experience in this beautiful country.

How would it work out with writing articles for The Slovak Spectator and for this website? I plan to re-post the Spectator articles on this website, for those who are not following the newspaper; at the same time, I will keep posting articles on my blog that will not appear on the newspaper’s website. Everything and more will of course appear as well on my Facebook Page, which you are free to follow anytime!

The prospect of having created a sort-of The Curious Dutchman umbrella, covering multiple platforms, excites me greatly – it is for me a venture into the yet largely unknown world of blogging which, hopefully, will lead me to experience even more awesome things in Slovakia.