Summer is the best moment in the year to take a city trip to Bratislava. The city if bustling with life, tourists are everywhere, cafe’s have their terraces open for the public, there is music on the streets. Moreover, the majestic buildings of Bratislava truly come to life in the summer sun. There is so much to see in Bratislava! Funny enough, though, you’d only need half a day to see the highlights of the old city center. I would recommend to stay longer, so you have time to enjoy some of the many amazing cafe’s, bars and restaurants.

If you ask yourself “what to do in Bratislava?”, next time you visit, make sure the following highlights are on your list.


Bratislava castle

St. Martin’s Cathedral

The statues of bratislava

The Blue Church of St. Elizabeth

The Streets of Bratislava Old Town

Other Random spots