Christmas Markets in Bratislava - the highlight of the winter season, if you ask me. Everyone comes together on the two main squares in the Old Town, Hviezdoslavovo and Hlavné Namestie, to share a few punčes with friends and family and enjoy the amazing food. No matter the cold and snow, Bratislava locals will always find a way how to huddle together under one of the many stalls and have a great time.

The people

The Christmas markets in Bratislava are in its essence all about being with the people you like most. And it shows! The markets are always full of people, from the moment the markets open at 10:00 till they close at 22:00, seven days a week. Family and friends meet for a cup of mulled wine, while the kids are running around or are ice skating on the ice rink; colleagues join together for a night out with potato pancakes and punč; and couples in love make romantic selfies in front of the large Christmas tree on the main square.

the food and the drink

You don’t go to the Bratislava Christmas markets and don’t eat and drink anything. Apart from meeting people, eating and drinking is essential to the Christmas market experience. Whether you like savoury or sweet, you can get a lot of amazing food and drinks anywhere on the markets that will suit your taste buds.