Only 38 kilometers north of Bratislava, you can find one of the best preserved castles in Slovakia - Červený Kameň (Red Castle). No, the castle is not red. It takes its name from the reddish stones of the rock upon which castle stands all-mighty. What makes Červený Kameň such a great place to visit is that it is not only one hell of an impressive castle to look at, it is also fully furnished and decorated. Walking through the halls of the castle really gives you a sense of how the nobility lived at the time when the castle was still functional.

If you still have some time left after exploring the castle, go and check out the imposing manor of Budmerice, a stone-throw away from the castle, about 10 kilometers to the east. Kaštieľ Budmerice and Červený Kameň have a special relationship. When the villagers of Budmerice got wind that the Communists wanted to occupy the manor and turn it into something…well, non-manor-y…they got together and moved all the furniture and decoration to the wine cellars of Červený Kameň, securing its survival to this day. At least, that’s what I have been told.

Today, Budmerice, with its wide English style park, was reconstructed between 1946 and 1986 and served as the House for Slovak Writers till 2011. As a result, the interior of the manor is not nearly as impressive as the outside but still worth going off-route for.


Červený Kameň Castle

kaŠtieľ budmerice