Together with Spiš Castle and Devín Castle, Orava Castle is my favourite of all castles in Slovakia. The first time I arrived at Oravský Podzamok, crossed the river Orava and saw the castle majestically looming over the village, perched high on top of the rock, I was enormously impressed. I immediately felt a sort of respect for the building, which never disappeared.

Orava Castle actually consists of three castles in one. Something I have never seen anywhere before (and I have seen a lot of castles in my life). The oldest (lowest) part dates to the middle of the 13th century, built on top of an older wooden hill fort. In the 15th century, the “middle” castle was added, only to be followed by the third “top” castle in the 16th century. Walking through the castle from bottom to the top you basically walk through 300 years of architectural history.

For old horror movie aficionados , the castle may look surprisingly similar to Count Orlok’s Transylvania castle in the 1922 movie, Nosferatu. That is because it is.