If you want to summarize Spiš Castle (Spišský Hrad) in one word it has to be “enormous”, because that is exactly what Spiš is. Spiš Castle is absolutely gigantic. Nowadays it is just a shell of its former self, being devastated by a massive fire in the 18th century, but even in its ruined state the castle grounds could easily host the population of a small city and still have room for a full size symphonic orchestra and an animal farm to boot. The castle area measures a whopping 41,426 square meter - to put this into perspective, this means you can put almost 6 (5.8 to be exact) international soccer fields within the borders of the castle area. It should therefore not surprise anyone that if you Google “What are the biggest castles in Europe?”, Spiš Castle will feature on that list.

If you would ask me, Spiš Castle must be on anyone’s “what to do in Slovakia” list. If you come from the direction of Bratislava, it will involve a bit of a journey but it is worth every minute of that 4-hour road trip. Don’t forget to stop at Levoča on the way there for a visit to the largest wooden altar in the world!