Bratislava has been my home since September 2012. I love the city in all its aspects. It therefore should not come as a surprise that I take a lot of pictures of Bratislava, while walking through the streets of the Old Town, visiting the markets, enjoying good food and exploring the many bars the city holds dear.

It is not my fault that Bratislava is just so photogenic!

Although Bratislava is beautiful at any time of the year, I love walking through the streets of Bratislava in the spring and summer time. During these seasons, the city is bustling with life. People have their Aperol Spritz or coffee on one of the many terraces, eat ice-cream at Luculus or Koun, walk along the banks of the Danube or enjoy live music outside on the street.

It is true that you can see the Old Town of Bratislava in half a day, if you want. However, I would encourage anyone visiting Bratislava to stay for a day or two and enjoy all the city has to offer. Obviously you need to check out the highlights like Bratislava Castle, the Blue Church, the Slavín monument, the signature statues in the Old Town, and the UFO bridge (Most SNP). However, don´t skip out on one of the most beautiful streets in the city, Kapitulská Ulica, the First Republic architecture on the streets around Klemensova (including the green-leafed building on Klemensova itself), the courtyard of the old city hall on Hlavné Namestie and the climb up from Mikulášska (at the old Jewish quarters) around the Temple of St. Nicholai to the castle.

A walk through Bratislava in the summer

Bratislava in winter

Christmas Markets in Bratislava

Bratislava goes analogue