Slovakia is home to a wide range of national parks, scattered across all corners of the country. From the massive parks like the High Tatras mountain range and the Slovak Karst National Park to smaller parks like the so-called Slovak Paradise (Slovenský Raj) and the Pieniny National Park. Anyone interested in nature, hiking and wildlife should visit any of these parks. It is worth it!

Many of these parks are perfectly accommodated to hikers with properly identified routes. However, also for the adventurers among you, the parks offer challenges in abundance. You can go off the beaten tracks, climb mountains or enjoy any of the skiing slopes in the north. One of my favourite locations must be the Slovak Paradise National Park. What is great about this park is that you have the feeling you need to find your own way through nature to get from point A to point B, climbing up wooden ladders along waterfalls, wading through streams and rocks and navigating along rocky ridges with only grated steps and a rope to guide you.

Červený Kláštor and the Pieniny National Park