Slovakia in Pictures

Over the past years, I have traveled to most corners of Slovakia. On my way I collected a massive amount of pictures, which I am sharing with you here.

Consider it a way to convince you, if still needed, to check out Slovakia and take that trip to the snowy mountains in the north, the wine regions of the south-west, the amazing capital of Bratislava, any of the UNESCO heritage sites, the self-proclaimed Slovak Paradise, or the unique Gothic cathedral of Kosiče.

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Christmas markets in bratislava

Christmas Markets in Bratislava - the highlight of the winter season, if you ask me. Everyone comes together on the two main squares in the Old Town, Hviezdoslavovo and Hlavné Namestie, to share a few punčes with friends and family and enjoy the amazing food. No matter the cold and snow, Bratislava locals will always find a way how to huddle together under one of the many stalls and have a great time.


Devín Castle

Only 20 minutes from the center of Bratislava lays on of the most beautiful ruined castles in Slovakia - Devín Castle. With the Upper Castle reconstructed and opened to the public since May 2017, it is a must-visit on anyone’s trip to Slovakia!


ŽDIAR REGION, lučivna, stará ĺubovňa castle

A highly undervalued region, the Ždiar region and its surroundings offer beauty for all to see - mountain ranges, flowing green hills, forests to hike in, villages stuck in time, and the always amazing castle of Stará Lubovňa with its neighbouring skanzen museum.


Skerešovo in winter

Skerešovo is one of the many villages in Slovakia where time appeared to have stood still, which makes for great pictures in winter time.


čičmany and vlkolínec - unesco wonders

Čičmany and Vlkolínec are both UNESCO protected sites. The latter even being a World Heritage site. Located in the always beautiful north, the villages are very well preserved and should be on everyone’s to-do list when traveling around the country.


bratislava goes analogue

Bratislava is particularly suitable for analogue photography. The city is a complex mixture of architectural history, ranging from old majestic winter palaces from the time of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, to medieval churches, to socialistic hotels and apartment blocks, to modern offices. At the same time, there are a lot of derelict buildings scattered throughout the city, which adds an additional air of a time gone by to this vibrant city.